About Us

The Student Body Collective was established in 2013 alongside three additional student-run enterprises, the SBB emerged as part of the COM's effort to provide LIU students with hands-on business experience. All profits go towards student scholarships. 

Experiencing a sustained increase in sales and enjoying a positive reputation, our organization has arrived at a pivotal moment. It is time for us to elevate the SBC to new heights.

Before SBC

In March of 2014, the Student Body Boutique first opened on the second floor of Hillwood Commons. During 2014-2019, the SBB continued to bring in new merchandise, however due to minimal foot traffic and an overflow of old goods, the store did not turn a profit. In September of 2019 the store was relocated to the first floor of Hillwood Commons and a grand re-opening was held.

Student Body Collective

After the grand re-opening, a new executive board was established. In 2019, the new executive board improved the store financially, and began making profit. In 2021, the store changed its name to the Student Body Collective. With values of inclusivity, affordability, and sustainability, we are continuously looking for new clothing and home items that any college student can enjoy. 

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